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Documentation of Memories of Chop Suey, 2020

Memories of Chop Suey
Inkjet ink on cardboard, bed sheet, polyester fabric, cling wrap

"Memories of Chop Suey" explores the preservation of cultures and memories of transnational migrants, while combining auto-ethnography, narrative methodology and decolonization. To interrogate how transnational migrants navigate liminal space, I utilized the concept of rethinking “place” as “not just in a geography but its relationship to multiple forms of presence”, based on a theory that “ethnography is no longer concerned with co-location but rather co-presence” (Larissa Hjorth and Kristen Sharp, "The art of ethnography: the aesthetics or ethics of participation?"). The intention of the work is to recognize the different filters put on Chinatown—the red veil, a façade, recognized the first gaze by outsiders who have hypothesis on the place or the culture. The second filter are of people who are trying to preserve the memory that historically belongs to them.


© 2019 by Maari Sugawara

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