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All Memories are Yellow (excerpt 1).jpg

All Memories are Yellow


All Memories are Yellow (excerpt 2).jpg
All Memories are Yellow (excerpt 3).jpg

All Memories Are Yellow


Chinatown, Elsewhere (excerpt 1).jpg
Chinatown, Elsewhere (excerpt 2).jpg
Chinatown, Elsewhere (excerpt 3).jpg
Chinatown, Elsewhere (excerpt 4).jpg
Chinatown, Elsewhere (excerpt 5).jpg

Chinatown, Elsewhere


non- uses the page as a door. As in plays by Becket, where events are unbound by time space, non- threads together images from different locations using vignettes, and unlike a film or play, gives viewers agency over narrative time. Caucasians push(ed) migrants into living in orientalist dreamlands; I seek to subvert that by letting occupants of non- dictate the pace in which it moves while dark pages—the presence of silence—ma, lets occupants linger in stillness. One does not live in space but in time;  my intention is to resurface the reasons behind Chinatown’s current image and use page turn to let occupants live.

© 2018 by Maari Sugawara

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